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AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Leeds will be in Roundhay Park on 5-6 June 2021. Set within the picturesque setting of Roundhay Park, this year will see thousands of athletes, from amateurs to elites, take to the start line across the event weekend and experience the same iconic blue carpet finish.

Here are the current route maps for the event. Please note that the below routes may be subject to change.


We’ve had some questions about run laps for Standard, Sprint and Standard Aquathlon so we thought we’d explain the laps and when you head to the finish.


For the standard distance run, participants will leave transition and make their way onto the run course to complete three laps. They will complete two full laps that take them from transition, round Upper Lake and Mansion House before returning towards transition. Once they pass transition for the start of their third lap they will be making their way round the top part of the course before passing underneath the finish area for the third and final time. Having gone past the finish area they will turn right up onto the finish platform to cross the line.

Sprint and Aquathlon

For the sprint distance and aquathlon run legs, participants will complete one full lap of their route, which sees them leave transition and run round Upper Lake, across the front of Mansion House and the finish area and back past transition. On the second lap they will once again run round the lake and across the front of Mansion House and the finish area before turning right and up onto the platform to finish their race.