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Free Official Photos - AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Leeds

Capture your moment - Live!

Great news! The Official Bike Insurance Partner of the event, Yellow Jersey, in collaboration with AWOL Adventure, will be providing a FREE live event photography experience to all participants. As event photographs are taken, they will be matched to your pre-registered selfie, and sent directly to you.

Pre-event: Upload a selfie!

To receive your free photo alerts, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Take a clear photo of yourself
  3. Enjoy the event, photos will be emailed directly to you!


Post-event: Check out your photos…

Use the search tool on the Yellow Jersey website to find ALL your photos after the event.

Find Your Photos


Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Images and Participant Selfies are ONLY stored for the purposes of this event, in a GDPR compliant manner, and will never be shared, sold or transferred to any 3rd party, as laid down in our service provider’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Is it free?

Yes! Images are given absolutely free by Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance. Thanks Yellow Jersey!


Where will photos be?

Photos will be available following the event at https://www.yellowjersey.co.uk/leeds-event-photos