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June 6, 2021

Not Your Standard Day Out At The Open Races

Providing participants with the opportunity to cross the same finish line as the World Triathlon Championship Series athletes, the open standard distance race at AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Leeds took place on Sunday morning.

You can view the podium positions here and the full results here.

After a fantastic first day of racing, AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Leeds returned for more multisport action today with open standard distance racing. This year’s racing took place in and around one of Europe’s largest city parks, Roundhay Park, allowing participants to race along much of the same course as the elite athletes and celebrate their finish along the iconic blue carpet. 

Participants set off at intervals before embarking on their 1.5km swim in Waterloo Lake. After the first transition, athletes then tackled a two-lap cycle across 26.2km which encompassed both the park and closed roads outside it before finishing with a 10km three-lap run and sprint to the Mansion House finish. 

Slightly cooler weather than was experienced by those competing on the Saturday was a relieve to many participants, helping to keep them cooler in the overcast conditions. 

The open category provided opportunities for triathletes of all experience levels to try the longest distance available at the event, whether they’re after a challenge, returning to the sport or a club regular wanting to experience the atmosphere of a major event. 

Having finished in the female standard distance open event, Kat Handy said: “Good fun, tough, it was a good experience. I live in Leeds and I wanted to give it a go and challenge myself. 

“I signed up for 2020 and it was deferred so this is the year I did it. I wanted to get it done and take on the challenge. It’s motivating to do the same course as the pros and helps you feel like you’ve accomplished something a bit more, and it’s good to be able to watch afterwards.” 

Simon Knight took on the open standard distance, commenting after his race, he said: “I thought the bike course was good because it had the tests of the hills and a bit of flat, the run was testing. 

“The fact that it’s regarded as a well good event and you’ve got the elite people racing too, so it’s great to be a part of that.”  

Andy Salmon, British Triathlon CEO, said: “The standard distance racing today was incredible to watch. Providing so many with the opportunity to compete at a multisport event for the first time in a while is an honour. 

“Congratulations to everyone that took part. Having these races take place alongside elite international racing and entry-level GO TRI races makes AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Leeds a truly unique event that celebrates all levels of multisport and I’m delighted that this has been delivered upon again this year.” 

Billy MacKay, Marketing Director at AJ Bell, said: “Here at AJ Bell we’re really happy to have been a part of helping participants to achieve their triathlon goal in completing today’s standard distance race. Whether it was your first triathlon, first in a while or you’re a seasoned triathlete, a huge well done and I hope you had a great day at AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Leeds.”